Tranquebar is reputed to have the thickest ozone layer in India, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation and it helps prolong one’s life! Today you can drive in through a beautiful gate of the majestic King Street, past Lutheran churches and grand bungalows of the Danish Governors and the British Collectors. You can also visit the temples of Kumbakonam and Tanjore. The town remains a glorious tribute to architecture from across the world.

It was at Tranquebar, that in 1715 India’s first printing press produced a handy Tamil translation of the New Testament!

The Gate House, just by the gateway to this haloed world of white homes and Lutheran churches, is a palm-ringed property with a cooling pool now laid in its court at the back. The rooms are traditional but refurbished with fine pieces of collector’s art and furniture in a contemporary, uncluttered feel. The restful rooms are named after the temple cities of the region, with matching, representative art.

This home remains a fine example of indigenous Tamil architecture where red-tiled roofs surround courtyards of domestic proportions. If you listen, the patina on every rafter, wall and floor will tell its tale, as will the portrait of the famous Madame de Talleyrand who was born here.

All palms have a way of swaying and whispering, but not all places offer such a palette for your eyes and ears. Enjoy a Tamil house restored to its simple nobility.